Friday, September 18

Never Too Old

Is anything too hard for the Lord? —Genesis 18:14

The women of Brown Manor had raised their families and retired from their careers. Now they could no longer live on their own, so they came to Brown Manor as a sort of “last stop before heaven.” They enjoyed each other’s company but often struggled with feelings of uselessness. Sometimes they even questioned why God was so slow in taking them to heaven.

One of the women, who had spent years as a pianist, often played hymns on the Manor’s piano. Other women joined her, and together they lifted their voices in praise to God.
One day, a government auditor was conducting a routine inspection during one of their spontaneous worship services. When he heard them sing “What Will You Do With Jesus?” the Spirit of God moved his heart. He recalled the song from his childhood and knew that he had chosen to leave Jesus behind. That day, God spoke to him again and gave him another chance to answer the question differently. And he did.

Like the women of Brown Manor, Sarah thought she was too old to be used by God (Gen. 18:11). But God gave her a child in her old age who was the ancestor of Jesus (21:1-3; Matt. 1:2,17). Like Sarah and the women of Brown Manor, we’re never too old for God to use us.

God can use you at any age—if you are willing.