Tuesday, October 13

Olympic Extravaganza

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. —Matthew 5:16
Christians are windows through which Jesus can shine.

It feels like Fall.  Excited!  I went and got some Fall nail polish yesterday. You know that deep red/burgundy color.  Love it.  I'm wearing it today but I dont think you can really see it.  I was really excited to find some fun pieces at Goodwill yesterday.  I dont know about the next gal, but I LOVE thrifting.  It's like a treasure hunt.  When you find the one of a kind piece for next to nothing, it's the best feeling.  I prefer thrift stores to shopping department stores any day.  This is partly because I get annoyed by sales associates asking me if I need help every 3 minutes.  I'm suuuper indecisive when it comes to shopping for myself and having someone "helping" (rushing) me does not help the matter.  I mean cant they see that I'm a grown woman who's likely been shopping for a decades?  I can probably handle picking out my own clothes.  This coming from the person who just admitted how indecisive I am.  Anyways, the bottom line is give me a $500 shopping spree and I'd probably go to a thrift store....but if you give me a $2000 shopping spree and you may find me there but only after I get a pair of C. Loubs. 

Here's what I'm wearing:

  • cardigan - active Basics

  • blouse - Arden B.

  • skirt - my job

  • belt - ?

  • shoes - Michael Antonio

  • necklace - rescued from a friend