Wednesday, October 21

Who Goes There?

When he brings out his own sheep, he goes before them; and the sheep follow him. —John 10:4
Our unknown future is secure in the hands of our all-knowing God.

Can you tell what kind of Wednesday I'm having?  I feel like I have somewhat of a pouty face going on in my pictures.  I was really rushed.  I had all of 5 minutes to take these pictures and dash out the door. 

I kinda feel like my outfit lack creativity today.  I have a ton of stuff in the cleaners that I really need to get out.  I love picking stuff up from the cleaners, it's like a surprise because I forget all that's in there.  And it's all my good stuff, obviously, because it's in the cleaners. 

Here's what I'm wearing:

  • sweater/cardigan - my job sample

  • top - my job DIY skirt pulled up and belted

  • belt - my job

  • jeans - Citizens of Humanity

  • heels - Cathy Jean