Sunday, February 28

Being Happy

Rejoice that your names are written in Heaven. Luke 10:20 NIV

Most people who are happy don't rely on others, they don't always get what they want, and they aren't people who never have problems. The happiest people are those who have learned to be happy in "ALL" circumstances. We can't sit around waiting for good days to come.  Sometimes those days are few and far between. We must learn to think like the Apostle Paul who said, "I just think myself happy."

When we think about the goodness of God, His love for His children (which includes us), and all He has already done for us, thinking ourselves happy should not be hard to do. Just reading that last line should make us say out loud, "Thank you, Jesus!" because something He's done for us lately should have come to mind.

Life will continue to be difficult at times, and people won't always treat us fairly, but the
choice is ours in how we handle it. Either we can drag around with our head hanging low, feeling defeated, unloved, and unwanted, or we can brush ourselves off and say, "I'm a child of the King and I am blessed. This too shall pass and I will be stronger and wiser having gone through it." (WE HAVE TO GO THROUGH, TO GET THROUGH!!) It's all up to us.  

I dare you to trust God and think positive. First will come the smile, then the grin, next a small chuckle, and before you know it you'll be so happy you will be laughing out loud. Try it, what have you got to lose but your frown? Do not let the enemy stop your HAPPINESS OR YOUR BLESSINGS!!!!!!

Have a Blessed and Happy Filled Day!