Wednesday, June 2

Houston We Have A Problem...

And the problem is my addiction to boyfriend jeans or what I like to call my Hubby Jeans.  They are ultra-comfy and irresistible.  What can I say, I cant help it.  I actually have a pair that I cut into shorts because I wanted a hubby short.  I added some white out and turned them into a rundown pair of everyday jean short. Love 'em! I'll post something soon.

By the way, I had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  The hubs and I took the kiddos to the San Diego Zoo.  We drove out Sunday afternoon and stayed in a hotel.  Bright and early Monday morning we made our way to the zoo.  Even though they're little, my babies had a really good time.  It's crazy how much their little brains absorb.  Ahh, to be young again.  Jaxon was making all of the animal sounds.  He's a smart little guy.  

Julia's birthday party was also a huge success.  It turned out 100 times better than I expected.  I always get super nervous when it comes to being in charge of planning events.  I am so concerned about everyone else that I hardly have time to enjoy it.  This time, the weather was perfect, the guest were wonderful, and my cake turned out wonderfully.  If you follow my Facebook, you'll see the cake.  I handmade the cake topper and no it's not edible.  

Thanks for all the prayers, ladies!  God Bless!