Saturday, August 7


. how could i not know about this gift from God that is Kincaids .

. i always have a taste for sparkling water with my seafood . and no that's not wine .

. pre-dinner game face .

. post-dinner glow .

. what's up with my eye .  LOL .

. love the detail on the back of this vintage jacket .

. had a wonderful night with my wonderful man .

I had a FANTASTIC birthday!  Those who know me well know I'm a pretty simple low maintenance girl and the Hubs made me feel like a queen.  He hand-delivered a GI-NORMOUS bouquet of 30 roses to my job WITH 3 birthday cards (2 from him, one from the kiddos), he made sitter arrangements and reservations to the best restaurant that I've been to in quite some time.  I couldn't have asked for anything more!  Thank You, Babe!