Wednesday, May 26

Sequins...yes please!

Sequins, sequins, sequins.  It's everywhere, and I dont honestly mind it.  At first, it gave me flashbacks to Dynasty and Fantasy Island even a little Love Boat  and so I was hesitant.  I mean come on people, it's sequins for God's sake. 

But alas, sequins worn right can turn a fashion flop into a fashion fiesta (couldn't think of another appropriate F word to capture the awesomeness of sequins) .  So, my friends, I say embrace the wonder that is sequins and embrace it today!

In my last post I mentioned getting a new camera.  I leaked word that I'd be posting a DIY.  Well, I bought a new camera last night (hence today's pictures) but I'm not very happy with it.  I bought it Target last night out of desperation and that's what I get.  I should have just waited until I found the camera that I really wanted. I attempted to make this substandard camera work, but it's not doing it for me.  I'll be taking it back and getting one that I really like. 

Regarding my DIY, some of you have seen me wear it and have asked me how I did it.  So, I finally decided to share.  My plan is to post a video, so stay tuned.  Hopefully, I'll get around to it this long weekend.  I am off work tomorrow (praise God), but I have a packed weekend. 

Today's my/our 4th wedding anniversary.  The Hubs showed up at the J.O.B. with my favorite Starbucks drink and took me to lunch.  He spilled the beans that he had special plans for tonight.  He didnt spill all the beans though because I still dont know what we're doing.  He knows how I LOVE surprises.  Julia's 1st birthday party is Saturday.  We're planning a small party but it actually has turned into a BIG which requires big planning and $.  Comes with the territory I guess.  We're booking a room and taking the kiddos to the San Diego zoo on Sunday right after church and we'll be back on Monday.  That's when I'll be able to exhale from this long long weekend!

On your marks, get set, GO!

Have a wonderful memorial day weekend!