Friday, May 21


Today's post is somewhat experimental.  Let me explain.  Well, first let me apologize.  I've been on somewhat of a hiatus, but it's been for good reason.  Among all of the other factors that contribute to my increasing busy-ness over the past couple of years, the camera I normally use decided it was time to go to heaven.  Well, not without a little help from my daughter Julia throwing it on the floor.  That was about a month or so ago.  During that time she also managed to shatter the screen of my iPhone. 

These pictures are stills chopped from a video recording on my Flip camera. That explains the grainy look.  I'm going to get a new camera eventually, I just want to make sure that my next one has a remote or at least a timer and I'd love it even more if it's under $200.  Here are two I'm considering:

At any rate, I'm going to get a new camera but for the time being you'll have to bear with me.  

By the way, I have an interesting DIY post that I'll be posting soon!  

Stay tuned.