Tuesday, June 15


Yesterday was one of those days when I woke up, got dressed, looked in the mirror and wondered why in the world did I think this outfit would work. By the time I finished piddling around for something else to wear, it was WAY late and I was WAY frustrated!

In other news, I’ve got something really cool to share. I know I had originally planned to announce the winner of our TomBoLa at the end of this month, but I realized I’m going to be busy like nobody’s business and I don’t want to neglect making the announcement. With that being said, I decided to announce our TomBoLa winner TODAY!!!! Remember our winner gets a $25 Gift Certificate to shop at Lily Kai Boutique.

 Just so you know, here’s how the selection process worked. I made a list of each participant in the chronological order that they submitted their entry. I then used the random number generator at random.org to select a number. So without further ado...our lucky winner is…

Nichelle H.

Even though Nichelle wins the grand prize, don’t forget that each of our participants won 15% off her first Lily Kai purchase just for entering.   How’s that for a consolation prize!?!  I've emailed you with your code so order now as items go fast!  You snooze you lose!  Dont say I didn't warn you!  Special thanks to, Lily Kai!