Saturday, June 12

Bright, Beautiful and Belgian

I had such a wonderful opportunity to get together with two BEAUTIFUL ladies I adore for some long overdue girl time.  For you tweet geeks, I had brunch with @BPSkit and @IamNichelle.  Absolute dolls!  We chatted over brunch at The Coffee Company in Westchester.  I ordered BELGIAN waffles, eggs scrambled with cheese, bacon and coffee (of course).  Dee-lish!  Thanks hubs for holding down the fort while I enjoyed my girls!

Our conversation led to some constructive criticism of my blog.  Truth be told, I'm the one that cries in the car when constructive criticism is a little too critical.  But, I asked for it.  I want to know what readers want to hear.  I surf blogs now and then and read what bloggers have to say.  Some blogs have some juicy reads, others are overflowing with ads, while others are purely visual. I struggle to strike a balance.  I want you, as a reader, to know me but I dont want to bore.  Anyway, our conversation was fruitful and I'm glad I asked.

Still, I'd love to know more.  Leave me a comment with a suggestion, piece of advice or even a question you're curious about.