Thursday, June 17

This & That

top-CAbi . jeans-Born in California . watch-Fossil . bracelets-Brighton & CAbi . purse-Liz Claiborne . shoes-Carlos Santana . scarf-cashmere . sunnies - Brighton

I know how horrible this will sound but I have to confess how horribly I ate today. I ate a plate of Chuck E. Cheese cinnammon swirls (which btw are the best cinammon swirls on the face of the earth, maybe even beyond).  Add to that a bowl of instant oatmeal, a cup of stale office coffee, 3 sun dried wasabi peas which I later realized were quite putrid, half a cup of tap water and 2 gigantic Mexican suckers.  Yes, Mexican suckers.  The label on the wrapper says Mango Enchilado, which, if translated to English means Mango Enchiladas, then I'm a little disgusted.  They're suckers shaped like a mango dipped in chili powder.  They're probably toxic and they burn your lips on contact but when your taste buds recover it truly is a magical experience.  If you've never had one, take a trip to Tijuana and you can find a bag of 1000 for like 35 cents.  Yes, I'm exaggerating.

Hoping. Praying.  Begging God for the Lakers to win tonight.  The hubs and I are making a night of it and hauling the kiddos over to my BIL's (brother-in-law) house for good food, good fun and a good game. Bring it home Lakers! 

Back when I was single and rich, I used to shop the LA Sample Sales religiously, like every weekend.  It was at one of these sales that I found the jeans I'm wearing.  I remember squeezing into them in a frenzy in the corner of one of those community dressing rooms.  I had my girlfriend with me for moral support.  I was actually on the fence about these jeans because I felt they were a tad too tight.  She reminded me that I could still breathe which was evidence that they were not tight enough.  I'm always mystified by the one woman in the community dressing room who is stark naked and seemingly oblivious to that fact the every other girl in the room is stumbling over herself trying to cover up her unmentionables.   

A short while ago I mentioned that I was on a search for a new camera.  Well, shortly thereafter, I had mentioned my search to one of my coworkers.  She said she had found a camera in a taxi a few years ago and never could find out who it belonged to.  She had even posted an ad on Craigslist.  She ended up giving the camera to me complete with a carrying case and all.  To my delight, it was the same brand and used the same kind of memory card and USB cable that my old camera used.  What a blessing.  So, thanks to Briana, I have a camera that I love.  I'm so grateful for good friends.