Tuesday, June 29

Woo. Ouch. Superman

top: CAbi (one of a kind sample) . jeans: GAP . shoes: Jessica Simpson. watch: Michael Kors . cami: CAbi . earrings: forever 21 (circa a billion years ago) . purse: Coach (thanks to the M.I.L)

The other day I blogged about my feature on The Fashion Bomb.  I really got a kick out of the comments that were left.  For some reason everyone seems to think I favor the gorgeous Lisa Woo Hartwell.  There's a picture of her in the sidebar to the right.  What say you?  Leave me a comment.

I dont know about you but I'm really looking forward to summer this year.  I mean technically it's summer already, but I'm looking forward to the sun.  I cant wait to wear my summer brights, but I guess that means I need to buy some first.  I really want some neon jellies in a bright pink.  I also really want some of those old school 1980 tanks tops.  I may have to make one.  As a matter of fact I will.  I have a Laker tee that I need to slice up.  DIY coming soon.

So, I'm pretty sure my shoulder is dislocated or that some ninja stabbed me in my armpit with an invisible dagger in my sleep they are silent assassins if you recall from my recent post .  About a month ago I woke up with the most horrendous pain in my shoulder socket.  It was strange because I remembered tweaking my shoulder in my sleep, but when I sleep, I. SLEEP. so I never got up to tend to it.  Not that I would know what to do besides throwing an ice pack on it and "walking it off".  I really should get it looked at but for now I'll just complain. 

Thought you might like to know that superman lives at my house.  Jaxon is now jumping off the couch onto our hardwood floors.  He must be half cat because he alwasy lands on his feet.  Superman is also quite the genius, he practically knows the whole alphabet and he'll sing you a gospel song for Cheerios...if you're lucky.  We're so thankful for our little guy.  Now if we can just get superman to eat his vegetables.  Anyone know any tricks?