Friday, August 6

"...I Can Cry if I Want To!"

top: nightie from my bridal shower . jeans: sample sale . watch: Michael Kors . belt: Hubs . shoes: Michael Antonio . purse: thrifted

So, I don't really wanna cry, but I kinda do.  I'm turning THIRTY tomorrow and the more I say it the less comfortable I am with it.  The word "thirty" just sounds less attractive than "twenty", doesn't it?  Say it.  See how twenty just sweetly rolls off your tongue?  

I think the real reason I'm bummed is that I didn't plan anything for my birthday.  Last year, when I turned 29, I told myself that I wanted to do something really nice for my 30th.  Believe it or not, I shy away from being the center of attention and so I've never done anything special for my birthdays, but being that 30 is so significant I really did want to do something memorable with my loved ones.  If you don't mind, I'm gonna go sulk and feel sorry for myself until the kids and hubby get home and I am reminded of how thankful and grateful I am to be blessed with all that I have and how I'm really just need to get over it and stop acting like a 5 year old and more like a 30 year old.  Yikes!

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