Monday, June 21

The Train Has Left the Station

top: CAbi . jeans: Eunina . shoes: Michael Antonia . belt: Levi . watch: Michael Kors . purse: . bracelet: DIY curtain rope 

It's a mystery to me but every day like clockwork right around the 3 o'clock hour I get super distracted and spacey.  My eyes get heavy, I get a little delirious and then I get attacked by the "snackums".  Snackums are the irresistible urge to eat everything in sight.  Maybe it's my body's attempt to counteract the delirium that has set in, but whatever the cause the urge to snack becomes insatiable.  Is it just me?  Does anyone else suffer from this?  Goodness...not EVERY day can be a cheat day! 

Today's "photo shoot" was quite the adventure.  I usually take my pictures during my lunch break and today was no different.  I reached the perfect location and got out of the car only to realize I had left my camera at work.  GRR!  Rushed back to work, snatched up my camera and decided I didn't feel like driving all the way back to the "perfect" location so I headed in another direction.  I ended up at a side street next to some homes in the gated community I live in.  I get out of the car, set up my tripod and an occupant of one of the homes comes out and asks what I'm doing (with and attitude of course).  I tell her and she says she hopes the owner doesn't come ask me to leave.  Her tone said she was immediately going to call the owner to report me.  I carry on.  In the middle of my shoot, the community security guard drives up and asks what I'm doing.  I politely tell him. He asks me for ID to prove I'm a resident.  Thank goodness I had the right wallet with me.  I present it and he leaves.  By now I'm frustrated because I have about 15 minutes to finish my shoot before I stop at home to grab lunch and head back to work.  Fed up, I head to another location and take the rest of my pictures.  As I look at my expressions in these pictures, I look kind of disgusted.  I was.  But I'm over it.  A day in the life of a blogger.  If my momma was a blogger she might have warned me there'd be days like this. That makes me mom...a blogger.  Oh dear!

The rope bracelet-thing I'm wearing is a DIY, but it's more like an A(lmost)-DIY.  I got the idea from Maegan's DIY site (She's one talented chic!) I made it out of the curtain rope that you use to hold your curtains back just like Maegan used for her necklace.  It was a rush job that I tied on as I was rushing out the door.  I'll admit I only grabbed it because of my recent post where I pledged to accessorize more.  Anyway, it was a good idea in theory.  What do you think?