Thursday, July 22

15 Minutes of Fame on

Do you wanna hear something really cool?  This little blog you're reading was featured on one of THE mega fashion blogs, Take a look below...

First of all, if you’ve never been to this site, you’ll be floored by how fashion and budget friendly the site really is.  It's clear that this Budgetnista babe is on her A game.  Case in point, the dress below.

She got this number for $10 at a Jr. Store.  TEN DOLLARS, PEOPLE!  She also got one in fuschia.  Such a no-brainer!

It's rare that I stumble across a blog that actually sticks to the budget.  Being a wife, mother of two, and CEO of my household, keeping my spending down to a minimum is MAJOR.  I don't shop a ton, but I've always got an ear open for a good deal and Budgetnista is all over it.  

If you look closely you'll also notice my lunch buddy The Fashionista Next Door is featured as well.  How cool is that?  We love her!

With that said, bookmark her, add her to your favorites and dash on over to  Tell 'em I sent ya!