Thursday, July 22

RisQuE BuSiNess!

So, today’s post is kind of a "non-post" and I’m actually SUPER BUMMED about it because the pictures I took turned out REALLY cool, but they were a little too hot for TV if you know what I mean. A little too much of the "landscape" was on display. So, instead of showing you more of me in the dress, I’ll show you the dress on a hanger.

Size Large
As-U-Wish dress

I have to tell you that I absolutely L.O.V.E this dress. It’s the most comfortable thing I’ve put on in a very long time. Yes, even more comfy than my boyfriends and you know I LIVE in those things. It’s a very light weight cotton, comparable to any of your trusty lazy-day tees, but you dont look like a frumpelstiltskin. I think the best thing about it is this baby keeps it’s shape. You know how some cottons, or just items in general, tend to bag out or lose their shape throughout the day? Well, much to my surprise this little guy didn’t. I’m IN. LOVE. with the three blocks of colors, navy, royal blue and a skittle purple. Something you wouldn’t even guess, is that it’s got a hidden zipper in the back. 

So, since I now realize that this treasure won't be a dress that I’ll be wearing, I’ve decided to offer it to someone who is a little more adventurous than I and who promises to take good care of this gem. This number can be yours for $20 + $7.50 shipping (UPS) if you live anywhere in the US. Just email me and we’ll take it from there.

In other news, I created my first OOTD video for YouTube. It's kind of a joke. I did it at like 11:30 last night and so I sound like I'm half asleep, which I kinda was.  For some reason my hair looks crazy. It looks like I have a bad weave, but it must be the YouTube voodoo because in real life it's FRESH (Thanks Jossy Poo).  The more times I watch the video, the funnier it gets.  I guess it's good when you can laugh at yourself though, right.  Anyways, I hope you enjoy and as always leave me a comment letting me know much you liked it or how much you didn't, but be nice!

It's a three part series and the video below is Part 1.  You can find the rest by clicking the subsequent links.