Friday, July 23

Chuck E. Cheese Please!

I cant even remember the last time I went to Chuck E. Cheese before today, but clearly whenever it was, it must have been a rather forgettable experience.  About the only thing I do remember was that the pizza tasted like cardboard and everything smelled like sweaty socks.  What brought me to Chuck E. Cheese today, you ask?  My job.  Today was FUN DAY so we carpooled to the nearby CEC and spent two hours running around like 3rd graders competing to win a prize for having the most tickets.  Being that I'm going out of town tonight, all I could think of was my to-do list so I didn't commit myself to the competition, but I SO should have.  The winner was surprised with a Burke Williams gift certificate.  I need to take having fun more seriously! 

Taking fun seriously is really something to think about.  Did you know that Kindergartners laugh an average of 300 times per day?  Did you know that adults laugh and average of 15 times per day?  True story...Google it.  That's a staggering statistic.  It kinda makes me sad to realize I'm one of those adults.  I need to laugh more.  I need to smile more and I need to take more time for FUN!  Don't you agree?

My funky little collage of sparkling mess on the front panel of my DIY vest is a combination of earrings and brooches.  I just stuck the earrings in (backs and all) and arranged them in a FUN way.  Likey?  P.S. If you want to know the deets of what I'm wearing, watch today's OOTD video.  It's short and sweet!  P.S.S. I felt naked all day without my wedding ring.  The hubs took it to get cleaned.  P.S.S.S. What does "P.S." even stand for and why must I keep adding S after S? LOL