Thursday, July 8

Isabel the Conquistador: Blogger Spotlight

Our darling Isabel from Isabel the Conquistador took us up on my mini DIY challenge.  Here she is below in her version of the DIY t-shirt dress that I shared with you recently. Isabel is a slim and slender gal and opted for a size L rather than the 2XL I suggested using.  As you can see it fits her perfectly.

I was asked if this DIY is a one size fits all kinda deal, and truly I believe it is.  The key is getting a shirt that fits your bust well.  Everything else will fall into place. And dont worry there's always something you can do to make it work. If it's too short, throw s on some funky leggings and honking jewelry and a nice puser purse.  Or you can convert one of your old jean jackets into a vest and throw on some old beat up cowboy boots. 

Email me your pictures, name and blog address and I'll shine a spotlight on you! MUAH!