Thursday, July 8

Oval Office Conversations

top: unknown . jeans: unknown . vest: DIY . purse: Coach . boots:  Mixx

I chuckled to myself today as I recalled a conversation I overheard the other day.  I was tending to some business in the "oval office" when in walked Girl 1 and Girl 2.  The conversation went a little something like this:

Girl 1: Do I look fat?
 Girl 2: Fat as a house!  No, of course not.  Why would you say that? 
(I could hear her eyes rolling)
Girl 1:  I've gone the whole day and no one's complimented me on my outfit. 
Do I look ugly?
Girl 2: I told you your shoes were SO cute this morning.  I love your outfit. 
(obligatory compliments ensued)
Girl 1:  You're supposed to say that.  I feel like I wasted an outfit.  I didn't see even see anyone today.
Girl 2:  Anyone like who? 
Girl 1:  You know, like, just people.  I should have worn this on Saturday.  What a waste of energy!

How many of us have had this same conversation in our heads?  Don't raise your hand. I think that's what makes this so funny for me.  When I get dressed up and no one compliments me, I'll admit, I honestly feel like I wasted an outfit.  Truth be told, most of us dress for ourselves and to make ourselves feel good but many of us also dress for other girls.  We girls are the biggest critics of one anther so when another girl gives us a compliment it goes a long way.  Isn't the psychology of that just craziness?  Am I wrong?  Maybe it's just me.  It very well could be.  I've been a little left field lately. 

 Thanking God that we had an extra long weekend.  It's too bad that my body didn't get the memo.  I've been crazy sleepy all week long and I don't operate well when I dont get enought rest.  I get snappy and irritable.  In other words, I  basically need to stay in bed all week getting caught up on my TiVo.  I tell you it feels like a second job sometimes trying to keep up with these shows.  Maybe I need to re-evaluate the shows I record and only keep the good ones.  Who am I kidding, I dont have time for that!